There are soo many great photos from Fashion Week that it could probably cover a month worth of blog posting. I can just sit here and go through so many websites like thefashionspot, fashionista, and style.com for hours. This usually ends with about 3 folders filled with inspiration pictures on my computer. But my favorites are all of the behind the scenes and backstages photos of the models. Their personalities come alive and its much more fun to see them goofing around in their coveted designer outfits rather than seeing them walk on the runway with a blank face
P.s. I am loving how crazy active the supporting cast forum is lately. Threads with posts up to 40 minutes old are already on page 5. I love all the craziness of fashion week.

I have a gulity obsession with Polaroids

photos- tfs, fashionista


Krystal said...

i LOVE all of these photos, well chosen! and thankn you!! x

jessica said...

i envy models .
oh so much .
gorgeous picks, by the way :]


róisín said...

woohoo I love all of these!! Great post, Lori!!

Riina said...

those polaroids are soo awesome, just love them!

The Shopaholic said...

Superbes ces photos !
TRès vintage !

Tereza Š. said...

I love backstage photos too and Coco Rocah is just amazing!..best model with best nature I ahve ever seen!


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