Finally, all of the 4ft of snow has melted where I live. It was such a nice day outside and I actually didn't need to wear a jacket, something I haven't done in a long time. I took some pictures while driving.

Went shopping today too, which I haven't done it a while.

Red Hunter Wellington. Only paid $30 for them from my new favorite store for shoes- Marshall's

Forever 21 leather bracelet and leather studded belt-

Haven't been inside Forever 21 in a long time but when I went there today I had to control myself around the accessories section. I don't care how cheap the quality may be, they do have some really great stuff.

p.s. the photos were taken on my phone camera so that's why the quality isn't that great


Samm said...

i love the wellies :)

The Girl said...

Marshall's is one of my favorites, it so cheep, and most of the time there is some pretty great stuff.

great blog you have here, and a killer belt.

<3 the girl.

Anonymous said...

thanx for cumin across ma BLOG!!!!

yea nd i hav been lukkin to broaden my range of music.

i lik ur blog and forever 21 has good accesories even tho its of low quality...i lik ur blog

Lauren said...

only $30 for hunter boots


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



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