Ms. Androgynous

As I scanned through my emails today, I came across one entitled "Line We Love: Erin Wasson x RVCA". I can always count on WhoWhatWearDaily's emails to make my day just a little bit brighter.

What I love about this line is that it looks like it came straight out of Erin's closet. Which, for me at least, is a plus because no one does the "cool/laid-back bohemian" style like Erin. She adds her own personal flair to the pieces, like the jeweled heart-shaped bustier and the white fabric that makes up the back of the blazer. I also loved how Erin mixed girly and masucline into her line. On one hand, there is the coveted boyfriend jeans that is perfect for an androgynous look. On the other hand the line has pieces with a flowers print, such as the dress and underneath the hem of the jean short cut offs.

This is the start of the 3-year collaboration with RVCA and I am glad that Erin is sharing her "no fuss" style with the rest of us.

photo credit- WWWD


Cait said...

boyfriend clothes..always a winner..but then again, he likes to wear my clothes..too.

CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love the blazer. It's so "classic with a twist".
Stay chic!

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely, I want that blazer and the dress...OH! NO


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