blowin' in the wind

I've tried to steer away from making another post about Erin but after I read this from the fashion spot my love for her increased even more. I would love for the chance to just sit down and learn more of her stories, such as what she did during that 5 month road trip. And then, possibly, we could go thrift shopping together, have a hair-flipping photo shoot, find some of those stylish hobos that she is fond of.........

"I’ve always been comfortable naked. I find clothes slightly unnecessary sometimes. They cover up what is so beautiful about us, all the quirks."
"My dad entered me into a modeling competition when I was 17. I didn’t want to be a model — I had a shaved head and tattoos. I’m covered in scars. Perfect is boring."
"I don’t like to feel tied down. In 2003, I bought a truck for $1,000 and spent five months on the road. I just needed to go where the wind blew me."
"Just because a boy tells you he loves you doesn’t mean you need to marry him. I married when I was 18. He was 28, the older man who said all the right things."
"I’m a total gypsy. I don’t unpack my bag because something can always happen. After two weeks in one place, I start getting the jitters."
"I’m sharp-tongued, I won’t let anyone mess with me. In fashion, you learn not to listen to people; they say one thing then do another."
"The poorest people have the best style — they don’t just walk into swanky stores and swipe. Money just makes you want and want and want. You forget it’s about the simpler things."
"A girl in a huge T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts looks much sexier than a girl in the dress and the heels. It shows more confidence if you can walk out the door in something frumpy."
"I like coffee, cigarettes and sun — my dermatologist hates me. The sun is my Prozac."


Hanako66 said...

She's awesome.

MeryJane said...

looove your blog!

Emz said...

Wow she seems like an interesting person. I love how so many models are so carefree and spend so little time trying to look gorgeous while we have to make so much effort

M said...

hey, i really liked this post!
thanks for comment
you'll be at my favs, add me

erin rocks

phamzy said...

thank you for the comment dear!

anyway, erin is the best! i love her hair most.


style munch said...

AH i am in love with erin wasson, and this confirms it is so "I like coffee, cigarettes and sun — my dermatologist hates me. The sun is my Prozac. <- she is so cool. xx

The beautiful and glammed said...

ha ha, love her comments, thanks for posting! definitely going to follow your blog x

Sunniva said...

Thank you for posting this. I learnt things about her I didn't know. Erin is such a wonderful person. So inspiring xoxo

Ziling said...

Erin is def one of my inspiration. She can look so gooood w/o much effort :)

Matias Bouhet said...

Thank you so much for your comment!! and I like your blog too!

matias bouhet.

biba_46 said...

I loved this post! Very interesting quotes

proudly says, said...

thank you soo much, my dear.
i added you to my blogroll.

i love her too! she's one of my fave.


pangea said...

check out my girl AIMEE.



She's Dressing Up said...

She sounds like she's had such an amazing, crazy life!

Gaia said...

love this.

Vintage Tea said...

Loooved reading this. Erin = amazingness! Thanks for posting

Visit me at Vintage Tea!


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