nothing but a t-shirt on

Every time you see a gathering of models, whether it is backstage of a runway show or a gathering outside during fashion week, chances are you will see quite a few of them wearing t-shirts. Despite having access to loads of designer clothing, t-shirts are definitely the staple of a model's wardrobe.
(I kind of went overboard with photos but I couldn't help it)


belle.chantelle said...

i love the fifth one! the model is sooo funky!

M said...

you're fuckin right girl

Anonymous said...

Hmm I really ought to wear t shirts more, they're just so perfectly casual and match with everything! No, you didn't go overboard, a ridiculous amount of pictures is ALWAYS acceptable in my book :-)

Anonymous said...

oh oops! i forgot to say that I'd love to exchange links! I'm totally blogcrushin' :-)


Jules said...

i love tshirts! these are all lovely
great post
i follow ur blog, care to follow mine?

Alice X said...

those are cute:) models sort odr ess the same sometimes though.


Annie said...

great post! i gave your blog an award :)

Ash Fox said...

if even one of those was a tit tee i would have to pinch myself.

check out my tees at...

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Great pics, of great models!

Hanako66 said...

this is a really great post!

Claudia said...

i love al those tshirts. tshirts are great i dont what i would do without them!

Vintage Tea said...

The perfect wardrobe staple for an effortlessly chic look

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Julia.K. said...

I love Julia Dunstall. She's amazing.

Curly Girl said...

I guess they're so used to being dressed up in all kinds of crazy things in runway shows, it's quite nice to just throw on a tee-shirt and some jeans once in a while!
The first picture of Jessica Stam is adorable.

Louise said...

So amazing !

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