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I apologize for the lack of update! It's been such a stressful week and now that its a Friday afternoon I have some time to make a post. I was going to make a "latest purchases" post since I had a shopping spree (aka my form of therapy) but now I can't find my camera so I'll have to put that off until it decides to show up.

It's sad how rarely we see female singers of relativity new bands being able to create rock music without being labeled as a poser. Alison Mosshart of the Kills, however, is defiantly the exception. If you haven't listened to the Kills, I suggest you download some of their songs. Not only is their music great but Alison is able to bring back the fashion into rock music again. Her style comes off as natural, not try-hard as so many others try to replicate.


MT Days & Nights said...

wow she has great style! I like your blog too by the way.

Hanako66 said...

she has such a great look.

miky said...

i love her!


patti said...

love the kills.
her style is amazing.
i think my first post is about alison.

...love Maegan said...

so great!

Cup of Coffee said...

Hey thank you for coment!
Oh I have to confess I'm a Polyvore addicted!
You have a profile on Polyvore? If you can you add?

Have a good weekend sweetie.
XO Jamily.

liana said...

alison is a legend!

Jules said...

i absolutely LOVE this chick her voice, her style, everything! she is a rock goddess one for the ages!


Boubou said...

hello ! im new in your blog ;)just wanted to say that it's a cool blog so im gonna follow you often ;)

a bientot !


J Legs said...

i love her and i love the kills :)
cool blog

La Chauve-Souris said...

i've just discover your blog it's amazing, love how you but stuff together and your collage looks great.. do you do those illustration?

Austere said...

I love Allison style. Great pictures that you chose.

Ash Fox said...


♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the KILLS amazzzzzing blog! ;)


bisou-joue said...

She's so beautiful and I love her voice !

Rosanna said...

love her! she has such great style!!!


A** said...

Nice blog! love the pics!!!





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