sweet dreams

ooh polyvore, this program makes me angrier than when I browse through ebay for hours. Why? Because it's just like giving someone an unlimited credit card at Barney's but telling them you can't spend any money. Seriously it's that evil. And addicting. Browsing through all of those items.... a person like me who has made countless amounts of collages can spend hours on this site. Here are some that I have made:

check out my account. I haven't created anything new in a while but I probably will become attached to this site again.


Claudia said...

i like these

Enep said...

ty, for the comment ;D
anyway, I like your polyvore sets. I also added you to my bloglovin account. nice blog!


gilty pleasure said...

great blog.

No Heart Warming Stories. said...

haha I totally agree! I have yet to try out that website, but Im worried knowing the endless hours I'll spend making outfits I'll never buy.

Lainey said...

polyvore is addicting! I love it so much! But its too bad everything is just so expensive. I always just try to look at it as inspiration. :)

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment.

liana said...

hello, i like these collages. great blog!

Siska said...

I L O V E your header!

Tatiana Nguyen said...

ohhhh the balmain heeels !! <3

Pop Champagne said...

great collages! Haha I'm going to go try out the website now

Anonymous said...

great blog


Ella said...

the collages look great!
the first one is my favorite

Anonymous said...

i like your collages, so much to look at! i wish i had more time to polyvore, it's such fun!

Bianca and Isabella said...

ahhh i love these sets.

the crumpet girls

She's Dressing Up said...

Your polyvores are amazing!

Mode Junkie said...

my collages look like trash compared to this. and i agree how nasty polyvore is.

voguemanie said...

Love your blog!

Victoria C said...

these are some expert collages!! i love all the stuff you've featured xo

Jules said...

these are amazing, i love everything i would wear it all. great styling


Sophia said...

your polyvores are great! i've dabbled in them and they always come out ultra blah :-(

btw, loving the anna s editorial on the left sidebar. that editorial is one of my sort-of-recent faves!

Emily Anne said...

I love polyvore but could never get my collages into my post without getting blurry! But I LOVE yours! Great!

xx, love.

Miss Mae said...

I heart Alexander Wang and your collages.


BirdNotes said...

very cute! thanks for checking out my blog. I love yours.

gybe ♥ said...

nice collages :' D
i like it !!

susie miller said...

ace collages

Chloe said...

I love all of those!
great taste

Hanako66 said...

I really need to sign up!

Lilpixie said...

great blog those polyvores are insanley stylish

Christine said...

Wow you're sets are amazing! I seriously suck at Polyvore...all my layers get messed up ahha.

soilikethelike said...

ohh polyvore sounds like shopstyle, where i spend hours lusting for $800 stella mccartney! check it outtt:) anyways i love your polyvores, and thanks for the comment on my blog:D

katie d said...

Thanks for your comment! xx

my favorite part about polyvore is when you find something super cute and find out its actually inexpensive... I found a sick company that makes made-to-order corsets for under $100 through polyvore :) but it is hard to ignore the fact that you have full access to Balenciaga booties that in real life, may as well not exist. Your sets are great!

Trixie La Belle said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE that, that got me really inspired ! =D

Gaia said...


MANFOX said...

these look great!!!

and thank you so much for your sweet comment!

loving your blog!

Anonymous said...


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