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It's the middle of the summer and I'm already wishing that fall were closer. This happens to me every season, for example once it is fall I will wish that it is winter. But I can't help but love fall/winter clothes more. To me it is so much more creative than summer weather but I love wearing coats, blazer, leather boots and thick scarves. During the summertime I'm usually too lazy to put together a decent outfit due to the heat. What really made me miss the colder weather were these photos:

winter staples according to people in the fashion industry: dark colors, statement jacket, faux fur, and tons of layers.
which brings me to....

things that are missing in my closet:

I, like most people, am going through that phase that we will go through at least once a year. The I-hate-everything-in-my-closet phase. I've gone through so many styles that about half of the clothes I have I don't wear. This fall I am sticking to my new list of items to purchase which consist of:
  • Faux fur coats
  • Sneaker wedges
  • Leather boots
  • Colorful sneakers for casual days
  • Leather gloves
  • More scarves, preferably with bold colors
  • Oxfords of various colors
  • Leather pants/leggings
  • Oversized clutches
  • Military-inspired parkas
  • and, once again, blazers
I feel like I'm at this point where I finally understand what I like and don't like. Usually I just try out a certain trend or style and then get sick of it but now I'm focusing on more timeless pieces so that I don't have to re-building my wardrobe.

I'm also thinking about starting up a shop where I can finally get rid of some things that have been sitting in my closet. About two ago I shoved as much clothes that I don't wear as I could into this huge box that has been sitting in my room and everytime I see it I get this urge to sell it all on a blog.


Hanako66 said...

I love Fall clothing best!!!

proudly says, said...

they are all gorgeous
and stylish women!


$ouLphate said...

your to purchase list sounds great =) and loving your header ^^

MakeupYourStyle said...

Couldn't agree with u more, lol ....like most of them are on my fall list :D, anyway i saw that pic with the MAC lipstick, still donno if I should get it...

Anonymous said...

So getting that feeling right now! I definitely need to do some major shopping...fall clothes are just the best, aren't they? You don't have to wear giant coats (like in the winter), but you can layer to your heart's desire.


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