all thats known

All that's known
In History, in Science
At school, at home, by blind men

You doubt them
And soon they bark and hound you-
Till everything you say is just another bad about you

All they say
Is "Trust in What is Written"
Wars are made
And somehow that is wisdom

Thought is suspect
And money is their idol
And nothing is okay unless it's scripted in their Bible
All That's Known- Spring Awakening Soundtrack

Tomorrow is my first day of college which I guess I'm supposed to feel all sentimental and say things such as "omg I'm getting so old" but it hasn't even hit it me yet. Maybe its because I never did the typical highschool things like go to parties, drink, all that lame stuff that people think are cool but I never cared about. I don't think I ever was a teenager.
Well anyways since I dont have to go to bed early anymore because I can now wake up over 2 hours earlier than when I did at highschool, I thought I should use this time usefully. Meaning I went on polyvore and put together a collage of shoes, clutches, and rings that are what I consider to be "art." Clearly I've been watching way too much of the Rachel Zoe Project.

And also, the song I posted here is from the Broadway play Spring Awakening. If its showing in your town I recommend you go see it. The soundtrack is all I've been listening too for the past few weeks and now about 98% of modern music makes me cringe. I now have 44 Broadway songs on my ipod.

And since this post is completey random and useless I'll just end it now.


heleen said...

Wow - such an overwhelming amount of pretty and covetable things!

Damsels said...

i think watching rachel zoe has reinvigorated my interest in fashion

Smelly Cat said...

AAHHH spring awakening! i saw it a few years ago with the original cast... it's amazing!
and everything you posted here is beautiful.

thanks for the comment

thesydneygirl said...

hi lovely! i will listen to that song. lovely collages!!! :D xxx

Giovanna ♥ said...

So many pretty things!! Lovely collage!

cody said...

a lot of pretty things(:
xx cody


Mechanical Beauty said...

your blog is so cool. i love all those shoes!! haha
check my blog out http://mechanicalbeauty.blogspot.com/
maybe we can exchange links?

kelsea said...

WOW. i have never heard that song but just read the lyrics and i have to go listen to it now!!

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