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Since I've been talking about Rachel Zoe in my last two posts, I figured I'd make one dedicated to her and her show. Truth be told, she was the one who really sparked my interest in fashion back when she turned Nicole, Lindsay, and Mischa into style icons. I still have photos that I teared out of magazines from 2005 on my inspiration wall.
Recently I have started watching clips from The Rachel Zoe Project on Hulu since I don't have Bravo. I'm addicted to it-even though I've only seen two full episodes. It was the last final push for me to realize that I want to work in the fashion industry. I know that being in fashion isn't glamorous and that it is really stressful and I love that Rachel covers this side of the industry more since its realistic.

What else do I love about her show? Well there's her entertaining assistants Brad & Taylor, catching glimpses of Rachel's studio, all of the clothing they wear, the accessories..........

I die
screencaps credit: misspistol from tfs


BB&HH said...

BB&HH is back after wildy holidays ... let's check this out !



SO. said...

ffrriiick! i know its insane and beautiful!!! i cannot even imagine having all that stuff at my disposal. rawrrr..

Taryn said...

Holy crappp...these pictures contain more fashionable goodness than I can even conceive of.

Giovanna ♥ said...

So amazing pictures!! I love Rachel Zoe's personal style! Rachel is a fashion icon herself!

Hanako66 said...

I know, it kills me to see all of the great stuff!

katie d said...

I looove RZ. I even loved her back when she didn't have a show, way back when she was just behind every top look on the red carpet... when she got so much press bc of Nicole and the like she definitely deserved it bc she's so talented... I'm so glad she has a show because we can actually see her INCREDIBLE passion for what she does and works with... its actually really inspiring to see someone that passionate about anything (fashion or otherwise). And she seems like such a nice, caring person in the midst of all her chaos, to top it off.


MARISA said...

what i would do for my shoe closet to look like that

we dont get RZ in canada until like october...in the words of her .."I DIE!"

Hildi**** said...

wwooooooooww i would collaps..lol

Smelly Cat said...

i'm so unbelievably envious of everything in there! :]

Jane said...

This is why I always get so star-struck watching Rachel Zoe. They simply point at things, say, "I want that," and then GET IT!


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