men style

there should be a street style blog dedicated to men's style

lane crawford


jamie clare said...

your blog is sooooooooo beautiful! and i also find men's style really inspirational and creative - they have to really think out of the box to create a look.

and yeah, i'm in the same boat. i just have so many things that i "might" wear or get some use out of, but it just takes up space and i'm pretty sure it ultimately ends up stressing me out - the ol' "i have NOTHING to wear!" thing.

Dylana said...

These dudes look fab! I love seeing a wonderfully dress young fellow! Love the first pic!


Miss Head Over Heels said...

they all look so cool!


Becca Jane said...

I agree! I saw the most fabulously dressed elderly gentleman on the bus the other day and wished I had my camera.


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