burberry ankle wedges, starry scarf from bird, h&m sequin jacket, chanel jade nail polish,
dior ring, chanel leather caviar bag, topshop faux fur coat, marc jacobs scarf, balmain leather skinny pants, daisy by marc jacobs perfume, h&m faux fur scarf, vera wang crystal necklace, burberry brouges

part realistic, part fictionial. that chanel bag has been on my wishlist for 5 years now. one day i may actually be able to afford it.


confessions of a marc addict. said...

for real. who doesn't want a 2.55? the good news is...by the time we can both afford one, they'll still be in style! because they never go out!

MIA said...

I hope that you have all you want, merry christmas lori!


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