masks yesturday... today's theme is glasses.
forgot to include that last photo in yesturday's post



MIA said...

tallulah morton and lily allen, great great

Joana (Jo) said...

glasses are Love!!


le pearl said...

hotness <3

Emily said...

oh my gosh this is incredible! i'm saving like, half of these pictures!!


Lexi Colby said...

i absolutely love all these inspiration pictures

fashionable palette said...

What a great collection of glasses you have here! I really love the first two photos.

michelle_ said...

i love glasse.. they hide my under-eye circles and add some flair to an outfit :D

thanks for the warm comments as usual..
have a great weekend ahead !

visit, comment , follow me at .
glisters and blisters :D

Amanda said...

thank you for the comment, i'm new :) love these pics! i like to do theme posts too. that sequin blazer makes my mouth water...mmmmmm. xx.

gi. said...

love love. as a glasses wearer, i always appreciate a good post featuring the extra eyes! :D


Sasha b. said...

amazing pictures.. i love the second picture.. those glasses are sooo cute.

xoxo black n' gold a la mode

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