the mask

i collect so many photos that i start to notice a theme with them. i think the next couple of posts will be just whatever i find while i clean out my folders.



Anonymous said...


Carolina said...

love this!!

Sarah said...

I <3 masks! I wish they still had masquerade balls....:P

PS thanks for checking out my blog ;)


Damsels said...

i really like the mask made out of makeup

MIA said...

ahah gorgeous

le pearl said...

what a gorgeous theme! I loved it.

Emily said...

amazing masks! i'm saving a few of these photos :)


Anonymous said...

awesome blog! loving all these masks so feminine cute!


StuddedLilly said...

awesome blog! loving all these masks so feminine cute!


Sasha b. said...

these photos are awesome.. im in love with masks. Thanks for the comment! I know, I really want a beige nail polish too!

xoxo black n' gold a la mode

Christina said...

That's amazing how you have so many photos with the same theme like that.

Thanks for the comment BTW.

Anonymous said...

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