rouli said...

very cool post...love that girl ...her eyes and her hairy-like shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suyinsays said...

soo pretty
great clothes!

apparellel said...

great images! i love the second and third pic! hot!!


Anonymous said...

Cute pic:)

divine bunny said...

love these photographs especially the first ones.

cant wait to go more blonde and take photoshoots.

this. makes. me . excited

Contempo Ingenue said...

lovely photos, I especially like the last one, there is something so alluring and fresh about the lighting

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Leah said...

Fabulous photos. I love the last image... so dramatic, perfect lighting. xoxo

Juan-Carlos said...

Fabulous and edgy pictures. The girl is quite attractive. Love this post.


Hayley said...

Makes me want blonde hair!

xx, Hayley

Kimberellie said...

beautiful pics. So poetic!!

Marion Leetmaa said...

Wow, such a beautiful photos all over the blog :)

Tegan Joan said...

Wow these pics are amazing :)
and i love your blog
i found myself scrolling to the bottom and back haha!
thanks for your comment by the way
ill happily be a follower :)

Melinda said...


akaCola said...

love these pictures...very dramatic and over the top!...thanx for stopping by our page and commenting...look forward to more of your post :)

Dominique said...

My new favourite blog!

Anonymous said...

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