david shama


Tori said...

these are really cool photos! the last one is my favorite.

Margaret said...

oooh i love these
last one is definitely a favourite :)
thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comment :) stop back soon xx

MarchMusings said...

Great photos. Very nymph in the woods. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Ashley said...

thanks for the comment!
following you now on Bloglovin

p.s. that erin wasson closet post... almost died. what I would give to be in her closet.

Robyn said...

Wow! Her eyes are very powerful, and look kind of haunted, perhaps.
Really cool photos~

And thanks for the comment!


Anna Marie said...

i love her clothes,i love her eye makeup, i love the fact that she's just wandering around in the woods..this chick looks totally metal to me, so cool. great photos, thanks for sharing!

Melinda said...


Lauren Goddard said...

Amazingly haunting eyes.

x x x


great shooting...lovely outfit

OooKellyNicky said...

I'm affraid and mesmorized at the same time. Great images!

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

like a fox said...

beautifully creepy!

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Blanca said...

Thank you so much for your comment:)
What a great photos, I really like them!+I love how she looks in taht outfit and everything around her. Great job.



amalie said...

her eye makeup!

LucĂ­a Rubio said...

love the places... beautiful


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