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Spool 72 is an online clothing company that has some amazing jewelry and vintage pieces. The owner contacted me to share some information with my readers:

About Us:
Founded by a mother and two daughter team; Spool No.72 is an online clothing company headquartered in the rural grasslands of eastern Washington State. Spool’s talented trio designs, creates, sources, and salvages our exclusive line of products.

Our Products:
Spool No.72 features an exclusive line of women’s clothing and accessories as well as select designers. The Spool Team is inspired by the rural American lifestyle and the prints and patina of the past. Our products are hand selected with an eye for unique craftsmanship that makes each piece a pleasure to wear.

Our Vintage Collection:
Spool No.72’s exclusive salvaged collection features one-of-a-kind vintage bags and jewelry salvaged from around the world. Each piece blends the perfect amount of history and patina.

Our Photography:
Spool's famous photo shoots are taken in house by our creative lead and co-owner Tara Ehlis. All shots are taken on location in the surrounding farmlands, where we draw most of our inspiration.

Our Commitment:
The Spool Team has a total commitment to you as a customer, bringing you an eclectic line of women’s clothing and accessories that you will be proud to wear and own for years to come. Each Spool No.72 purchase is meticulously packaged and delivered directly to you.

To learn more about Spool No.72, read our Journal.

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minnja said...

Love it :)))


Nicola said...

Love these, definitly going to take a look:) x


lucy said...

oh that first ring is so lovely!


RaceforProsperity said...

love this post, i love finding out about things i've never heard of, you gave me another site to browse for hours thanks so much! :)


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