simone france

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the skin care company, Simone France to test their products. Instead of just sending me a few samples, I filled out a form on their website that asked me several different questions about my personal skin type. The next day I received an email that gave me a detailed analysis of what causes my skin issues and how to solve them. It was the first time I ever received personal information about my own skin!
I was sent the Sandwich system, which is Simone France's signature skin care treatment consisting of moisturizer, scrub and soap along with a set of directions.This cleansing system, which has been featured in Vogue magazine, is made up from natural ingredients that help make your skin clearer without irritation. I've been using this system for about week now and I've definitely noticed a change in my skin tone. My skin feels softer and I no longer use foundation to cover up spots!
I would recommend checking out their website to get more information about what each product does and what is the best product for you. I promise that if you suffer from skin issues then you will find a product that will work for you!


Anonymous said...

Where does it ask you questions about your skin type?

Lori said...

anon- you go to simonefrance.com/analysis for questions ;)


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