Simone France!

I'm finally back after the toughest last month of school that I've ever had!

A month ago I was contacted by skincare company Simone France for a product review. I had actually worked with them about a year ago (here's the post!) and so was really excited when I saw their email in my inbox. This time I received their Body Glow Lotion and their Body Buff Scrub. I've been using the scrub nearly every time I've taken a shower and it's almost gone! It has this thick sugary texture that deeply exfoliates the skin and honestly is unlike any product I've used before. When washed off it leaves this slick finish on your skin that smells like lemon citrus.

Body Glow is a lotion but with a more thinner and velvet-like texture than others I've used before. It compliments the scrub by making your skin feel soft and smooth after use. Simone France uses organic and natural ingredients with their products and it's no wonder that these two have received a 5-star reviews from their customers!

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