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The summer night looks

     Nashville photographers are now taking pictures of couples having nice dinners, girlfriends celebrating birthdays and just happy people having a nice time. The summer is here and there are lots of romantic dinners and parties waiting for you. This is why, starting now you should choose the clothes you’ll be wearing at those little nice events. Looking good is something that comes from within and that’s a perfect reason for harmonizing your inner self with the way you look on the outside.
     Refresh your wardrobe and make it work for that fabulous rooftop party and for that beach walk with your hubby. What you need is a simple shift dress. Make it white, beige or pink, all these colors were basically made for the summer romance. Accessorize it with eclectic silver earrings. Let them be of different geometrical shapes, triangles or circles. Add some sexy sandals, black leather ones or again silver/gold ones. Your look will totally make you feel fresh and absolutely free to dance and drink Mojitos, under the stars on the rooftop. And in case you’ll find a cute guy, to go on the beach and have a walk later, you can always take off the high heeled sandals and still look gorgeous.
     This summer, you’ll need a marvelous clutch for the parties and a practical bag for anything that might happen. Edie Parker, Reece Hudson and Lanvin have some extraordinary clutches. Take a look at them and search for something that looks alike. The cream colored ones with gold stripes and the white ones with black patterns are all about the summer 2014. Any date requests a clutch for your lipstick and perfume and it has to go with everything that’s on you. Make your summer nights easier with the clothes you’re wearing.

    Don’t forget about the summer accessories. Easy necklaces, spectacular earrings and fancy bracelets are all somewhere in the stores waiting for you. Choose the ones that make you feel gorgeous. Be ready for the romantic summer, with the looks you want and deserve.

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