What would you wear to a casino?

An evening out at the casino can be a very fun-filled evening. The nature of casino games makes them a natural way to experience some excitement. Also, casinos today provide many other amenities including restaurants which also make it possible to enjoy a gourmet meal on your night out. Before setting out for the evening, women must take some time to determine what they will wear. For evening, most casinos today want their patrons to dress is a style known as smart casual which is a balance between casual clothing and office wear. You might not be used to having to follow guidelines to gamble if you are used to online establishments such as http://www.gamingclub.com/nz, so if this is the case hopefully we can give you a few pointers. When considering the top pieces to wear. Women have numerous options when putting together a smart casual outfit. Going for conservative is a much better approach than choosing revealing clothing. Depending upon the bottom garment, just about anything can be worn with a few notable exceptions like tank tops and t-shirts. Women could select blouses, shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks or vests. Avoid selecting patterns that are too busy or wild. Generally, a monotone shirt is best. If you need a more formal top to go with casual bottoms, such as the latest array of jeans those with collars are a good idea. The reverse is true for more formal bottoms. For many women, the shoes are also a very important part of any outfit. This is definitely the case when dressing for a night at the casino. While many women are quite fond of their high heels, they more than likely should not be worn to the casino. The reason for this is that casinos usually are large places that many visitors have to walk around. When wearing high heels, feet become easily fatigued. You want to enjoy your casino gambling without having to think about your throbbing feet. When making your shoe selection, think of comfort. Certain shoes should never be worn which would include flip-flops and athletic shoes.

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AVY said...

I'm going to one tomorrow, in ivory from Dior.

/ Avy


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