Catalogues offer fashion at fab prices and you can shop from the convenience of your home. Let's look at the top 3 women's fashion catalogues, and see what they offer.

Fashion World
Fashion World is part of the J.D. Williams umbrella, one of the leading home shopping companies in the UK. The Fashion World catalogue has a wide selection of products and clothing for all sizes and ages.

For those who are not familiar with Fashion World, it offers a big non-fashion range in addition to clothing, both at its website and in the catalogue. Also, while prices do not vary dramatically between catalogue and websites, it can sometimes pay to spend a minute or two comparing products and prices in the catalogue and on the websites.

The catalogue's main product areas are lingerie, fashion, footwear, nightwear, mens, home & leisure, electricals, and gift ideas.

Simply Be
Simply Be is also a J.D. Williams catalogue, offering primarily styles and seasonal trends for the 14-32 size range. Any item in the catalogue can also be ordered through the website using the same product references as in the mail order catalogue.

Simply Be offers a wide range of fashionable clothing; shirts, tops, knitwear, jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts, coats, and jackets just to name a few. The website sometimes offers online-only special offers not available in the mail-order catalogue or any other J.D. Williams catalogue website.

Besides fashions, the Simply Be catalogue has a big range of home goods -- furnishings, bed and bathroom accessories, exercise equipment, entertainment, and lingerie / nightwear.

The Simply Be website, like Fashion World, is straightforward and simple to use. You'll find it's a pleasant experience, and you have a choice of paying in full at the time of purchase or using a Simply Be personal credit account to pay for your order. (Some details apply for the credit account, see their website.)

Simply Be represents one of the most popular J.D. Williams brands online -- it accounts for over 25% of the company's sales, of the more than 20 J.D. Williams catalogue lines.

Littlewoods has one of the largest product inventories among any catalogue agency. You'll find a very comprehensive selection of affordable merchandise here, from clothing to footwear.

Worth noting is Littlewoods' extensive service options. Next to full credit facilities such as
buy now pay later, they offer free 48 hour (and, in some cases, 24 hour) delivery to all their customers.

The company is best known for their selection, with over 40,000 items available in their listings on the website. This makes them a one stop shop for women's fashion, with even more designer and branded merchandise than you would find at the agents. However they also carry full lines of menswear, kidswear, home and garden, sports and leisure, electricals, jewellery, gifts, and toys / nursery.

Thanks to the tremendous inventory Littlewoods is an excellent place to look when comparing prices. For high-price electricals in particular checking Littlewoods before you purchase can save a good sum of money.


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