Irresistible Me

I've been growing out my hair for a few years now. What once was a -above the shoulders bob- is now a -long layer hairdo- reaching just above my lower back. I never took any vitamins or supplements to speed up the process, I simply used less heat and trimmed the split ends. My natural hair is extremely frizzy and thick with overwhelming volume that I can't seem to control so I've always had to straighten it.

Finding a good straightener that doesn't overheat or damage my hair too bad can be a little tricky. I'm not exactly the best person to go to for advice on the best hair products or best hair irons. But I'm actively trying to find healthier ways to straighten my hair and lower the heat damage.

Irresistible Me recently sent me their diamond flat iron to try out. My current straightener has a wider plate than this one so I had to get used to using smaller pieces of hair to straighten. Even though it took me longer to straighten my hair due to the skinnier ceramic plates I did notice a difference. My hair felt smoother and silkier, like I had blown-dry it straight at the salon. The iron itself felt easier to use and my hair didn't feel as if it was being damaged from the heat or pulling from the iron.

Some bonus features: this iron heats up pretty quickly AND also cools down fast as well. You can control heat and view the temperature with some cool light features (see the video for a better explanation)

I've used this iron 3 days ago and my hair has been straight ever since. Usually, the heat and weather will cause my hair to become wavy (especially underneath) and I haven't had to touch it up yet.

You can view the Diamond Flat Iron here and see other reviews from customers and you tubers.

*all opinions are 100% my own*


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