What I would love to do, if possible, would be to travel back to the decades where fashion made history. These are the woman whose style will forever be remembered because they are timeless. They have had looks named after them and even years later the celebrities turn to these women for style inspiration on the red carpet. While their style can not be imitated, well at least to me, I would love nothing more than to walk around looking at glamorous and gorgeous as they do.

Audrey Hepburn

Sophia Loren

My personal favorite, Marilyn Monroe

Andy Warhol's Muse, Edie Sedgwick

Grace Kelly

Bridget Bardot

Jane Birkin

Francoise Hardy

Former first lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis


Juaи + said...

Edie Sedgwick & Bridget Bardot are totally my favorite icons ever!

Nemerae said...

All of them were ladies with such style..!
Oh, I forgot Marion Cotillard gown, it was amazing too, but I prefer her outfit in the previous Oscars, the JPG one.

M said...

hey, thanks for stoping by!!

it's sooo hard just to pic one favorite. i really like jane birkin, Francoise Hardy, grace kelly, and audry hephburn

maybe jane might be the best

Francheska said...

this makes me want to go back in time so bad!!!!!

AlexandraE said...

Looove your pic!

filthy lust said...


Anonymous said...


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