my questions for balmain

Why does this look so similar to your previous collection?
How the hell did you make me covet those alien-esque dresses?
Why do I all of a sudden want to buy anything that sparkles?
Why are your pieces priced so ridiculously high in this economy?
Who can seriously afford to pay $2,000 for a tank top?
Why must you make me want to buy anything that has 45 degree angle shoulder pads?
Why do all of a sudden do I want to become a disco ball?
How do you come up with more ways to tease me with all of the possibilities you create using leather?


Hanako66 said...

Loving your blog....I love all of these too!

lisa @ luxe said...

love balmain, loving natasha in the black jeans too!
from las vegas

Anonymous said...

balmain is amazing

F Blog said...

i love love the shoulders in all of these. i need some sort of top/jacket with them... if there were ever a cheap version!

Kelly said...

i LOVE that first dress!

Victoria C said...

im dying!! i would give anything for any of these pieces. so fantastic. these pics aren't even on style.com yet for me, where did you find them?

Genevieve said...

So true! But i love this collection!

penelope said...

The similarities are there! And I COMPLETELY get your fixation for those shoulders and all things that glitter, and leather!

BUT, $2000 for a TANK TOP?! That's just, insane!

penelope said...

OH! BTW, LOVE your header!

biba_46 said...

This reminds me so much to emmanuelle alt's style

Elizabeth Marie said...

I want everything.

Including those questions answered, so if you find out, let me know :)

Love your blog!! xo

Olivia said...

this is genius

Ashton said...

love your blog!
shoulder pads = loveeee. I love this Balmin collection.

Mouthwash said...

Questions for you:
Why does your frankness crack me up?
Why are so you so right?
Why didn't I find this blog earlier?

I am so wanting the leather jacket; top row, 2nd from the left


Lori said...

victoria- i found these pictures on the fashion spot. they are much faster than style.com

Anonymous said...



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