photo problem

I will be in Florida until Sunday so new posts will be put off until then. I will reply to comments when I get back.

and also-
I HATE PHOTOBUCKET!! arghh all of my photos will be back on the 31st. I am sooo pissed right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hanako66 said...

Have fun in Florida!

In-tree-gue said...

Florida can be very fun!

Juaи + said...

Photbucket can be anoying when you have a free account... I used to have one and when the problem started, at first I waited til the end of the month BUT the next month everything was fine til day 5 or 6 when the bandwidth exceeded again, so my guesses are: They want us to get the pro accounts!!

My Solution: Got the one year subscription, problem solved.

I even tried a new account, but when the bandwidth of the page is very high there is nothing we can do (hihi thats great, cuz means we are popular xD la la la I Sounded just like Regina Geoger) xD

Have fun on Florida

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

yeah photobucket is hella gay. They did the same thing to my pictures not too long ago

Lesley said...

Have fun in florida! And I don't get why photobucket does that? How can one fix this?


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