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Update from previous post:
  • I didn't find out if I made the movie or not, although I should know on Monday.
  • Britney's concert was really really good. I thought that I would get annoyed by all of the screaming girls or over the fact that i'm not much of a fan of her music. But the girl can entertain like no other.
I'm going through a "I hate everything in my closet/ I have nothing to wear phase". I'm planning on shoving everything that I don't wear in a box that won't be reopened until my glorious 18th birthday when I can finally get an ebay account and sell everything. So until then I will continue to browse online and wish that I owned these pieces instead:

I saw this complex geometries top on Camille and instantly fell in love.

and another complex geometries piece from oaknyc. I love how its both a verstaile and statement piece.

I bought ordered these pair of jeans from hot topic today but might go ahead and order these too.

Rodarte is a pure genius. Enough said. Oh the many things I would wear this with... a girl can dream.

BOOTS. I have like none in my shoe collection. The first two are Jeffrey Campbell, the third is vintage

I finally thought about getting some doc's although I want something different than the ordinary 1420's. I randomly searched through google and came across these lace boots. They are the perfect mix of feminine and... well I can't think of the word. Grunge maybe? That sounds too "trendy". But you get the idea.


Annie said...

love the first pair of jeffrey campbells, and the complex geometries top is AMAZING.

esther said...

eeek! these are great-the first two are my favorites!

nana. said...

i love second photo < 3

PpPpPpPa said...

I love this jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria C said...

I love the draping!

Natasha said...

I really like the jeans you ordered from hot topic!


Fleur said...

Thank you for your comment.
I like the second picture <33
x Fleur


jules said...

those pieces are amazing, and i love love the shoes!

liana said...

ooh i dig the jeans! and the brown jeffrey campbells :)

Rand said...

wowww love the white shirt

Krystal said...

amazing boots!

Hanako66 said...

ahhhhh, that first top is too amazing!!

La Puce said...

Love the top!really interesting!


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