but my hair looks fierce

(nice title eh? that song is stuck in my head...)
I've been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while now. I've never done anything too risky but I feel like its time to take a risk. The last time I had my hair cut short was when I a kid. I love long hair but, considering I am only 5'1, it makes me look alot younger than I am. And with graduation around the corner (thank god) I have this impulse for changing my "look". Here's two examples that I am considering:

A long layered bob that frames the face, a la Kate Bosworth


A more androgynous approach with fringe bangs like Freja.

What do you think?


Annie said...

ooooh, go for the freja. it's so edgy and cool.

i've always had ridiculously voluminous, curly, frizzy, puffy, insert-adjective-here hair, so i've always worn it long, but two months ago i cut it shoulder length and i never want to go back to long hair! honestly, i think anyone can pull off shorter hair, it's just a matter of styling it properly.

if you do get a haircut, please post pictures!!

kaitlyn said...

i love kate bosworth's hair because it can be completely sleek and sophisticated, or you can add a bunch of product and make it textured and messy and dirty and edgy. super versatile.

Boubou said...

i love hate because its a mix of casual and sophisticated something very natural that's what i like ...:)
bonne semaine !

NYCjuicebox said...

i love both...
dammit now you've made me want to cut off the hair i've been growing for so long. and at 5 ft 1" i know how you feel! whichever you go for i think you should post it on here :)

Ash Fox said...

I love it. I had my hair short for over a year though and then I really wanted it long again. The grass is always greener..

Hanako66 said...

I love both of these! Kate's style would be really easy to maintain!

Carolina Botelho said...

kate's face is SO PERFECT! I love her!

Claudia said...

I like kate's hair

$ouLphate said...

i really like the last look! you should definitely take that risk! i mean you only live once, just do what you want to do, and hair grows!!

Rachael Kearley said...

It really depends on what type of look you want, I personally love the classy sophisticated look of kates, I think it would make you look a lot older.

Wyna Noh said...

definately freja! btw, thanx for ur comment :) will have fun there ;)

galawink89 said...

aw go for the freja! i have such a girl crush on her xx

chantelle said...

wow freja look hawt. go for that one!

chekka cuomova said...

I love Freja's haircut. <3
I found your blog thru tfs. mind exchanging links with me? :)

jointjumble said...

i love the long layered bob, looks like it could be more versitile, up and down xx

Gracie Girl said...

oh, i love the kate bossworth look. you should also check out gwyneth paltrow and anne hathaway's hair. they have a similar cut to each other and kate. its a shoulder lengthy cut that is longer in the front. very cute and style-y, but simple.

good luck with your hair!

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