white and color with ruffles all over

I've returned to my polyvore obsession, this time displaying new things that I want to incorporate into my closet during the summer.

First off, I love the color white in the summertime. When its extremely sunny out the sun makes the color appear like its glowing. I put in Blair's Marc by Marc Jacob Joelle dress in this because I just recently ordered it to wear for my gradation and I am currently waiting patiently (or not) for it to come. Also, Marni platforms are my all time favorite heels for the hot weather. I love all the colors they come in and especially how tall they are. I don't do short heels (meaning under 4 inches). Ever.

Even if blazers are meant for the fall/winter I don't think I could stuff them back in my drawers even when it gets to hot out. I think blazers can pull together any outfit and I am trying to get rid of all of my hoodies and replace them with blazers. They are just as comfortable and I don't end up looking sloppy.

My newest obsession- ruffles and statement jewelry. Ruffles can make any simple piece- like a skirt- into something that will attract attention to it. Ruffles are appearing everywhere now- from shoes and scarfs to, surprisingly, leather jackets. I even found these pair of black jeans that fit into my new obsession. I've also been wanting to clean out my jewelry collection and replace it all with bigger and colorful pieces. I've been particularly lusting over huge cocktail rings and ,once I get my hair cut, I want to buy some edie sedgwick-esque earrings.

Also my friend just recently started a blog so go check her out here :)


Annie said...

LOVE the third set, especially the ruffly coral heels and the beige ballerina dress.

Brigadeiro said...

Oh my! Love those sets and all the amazing pieces within them! :)

katie d said...

I freak out for Marni heels. And I don't even own any. (yet!!!)

Love the sets, I had to stop going on that website because I was making sets instead of doing schoolwork :)


Jenny H. said...

you make fabulous polyvores.
love demmm.
and i just came across your blog and i love it!

Juaи + said...

Polyvore = Love!!

I can spend hours there!

grace said...

could polyvore be any cooler? best way to get style inspiration when you dont know what to wear. cant tell you how many times i search a pair of shoes i have to see how others style them. its fun to see!

SO. said...

usually i wear all black but now i think im gonna have to wear white. and plus, it just always look fresh!

Anonymous said...

Nice sets!

M. and O. said...

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frances said...

the first set is beauutiful x

chekka cuomova said...

omg you're so good at making beautiful polyvore sets! I really love the 2nd the the 3rd ones! <3

Hanako66 said...

I adore all of the looks you put together!

Mo said...

polyvore is soooooo dangerous!! but it's oh sooooo fun. love the romantic set!

personal style and lovely fashion stuff here too <3, come visit!


harps said...

polyvore totally eats up my time, its like fantasy shopping

Annie said...

also, i've given your blog an award!

Ash Fox said...

i'll take everything in the second set. you have incredible taste!

Emz said...

I love your three sets! The first one is so great cuz Blair Waldorf's white outfit is in it!!

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