A cocktail dress as a universal evening attire

A cocktail dress is an irreplaceable outfit for the small parties and feasts. It’s less strict than long evening dresses but at the same time it’s not simple casual clothing. Traditional cocktail dress usually has a knee-length (a palm higher or longer) and no collar and sleeves. But even in such strict conditions designers find a way to make thousands of various models.

Lets talk about the most popular ones

Pencil dress.  A pencil dress is distinguished by its elegance, and at the same time it’s so practical that you can wear it anytime and anywhere. You can positively use it as an evening ensemble, and it will look especially profitably in a combination with shoes on a high thin heel. Don’t forget about stylish bright accessories that will add a sparkle in your elegant attire. A pencil dress looks profitably on a body that visually is similar to the classical “sandglass”.

 2.  Bustier dress. It presupposes a total absence of any straps and is thus held on the body only by its perfect top cut. It’s not recommended to wear a bustier dress for the girls with big breast.  A mini length is unacceptable for the bustier dress: an exposed top obliges to cover the legs until the knees.

3.       Dress with a high waistPetite cocktail dresses with high waist help to emphasize the body advantages, discretely hiding the limitations. For the corpulent women, a fashion with a waistline under the breast will be an optimal option. Slender maidens can prefer dresses with a waistline right under the breast or a bit lower. A high waistline visually makes you taller: it’s an advantage that is highly appreciated by the low girls. As an accessory for such dress you may use a big bow-knot, broach and a flower, as well as a wide band under the breast.  

A dress with a tulip skirt. This style has got its name because of its shape that resembles a barely blown tulip bud, flipped down: a narrow from the waist, skirt then becomes wide at the hip level and is assembled with a band or elastic at the hemline. A tulip dress style appeared in the 1960s and until nowadays symbolizes youth, delicacy and spring freshness, and thus is mostly intended for the young girls. Actually, a tulip-skirt dress does not require any bright and splashy jewelry because the accent is put on its original cut of the lower part.  But you can add some neutral stylish accessories, like thin lacquered strap in the same tone with a skirt, bag or shoes.

5.       Retro dress. Dresses in retro style differ by their stylistic peculiarities of the previous ages. Designers, as a rule, take into consideration fashion tendencies of 1920-1970s. Straight silhouette, soft lowered waistline, fringe and tinsel are the basic features of this fashion.  Retro style dresses require some vintage jewelry, accessories that are stylistically compatible with the respective era.


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